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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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78                  niAHLKS  STEWART  PAUNKLL              tl*7f>
'John Martin dead. "Parnell, candidate t»f Homo Kulo League, would probably retire if you join League. and stand. Wire reply. Win. Dillon, 15 Nassau Street, Dublin/
Tbis telegram was a forgery.     It was never signed
by Mr. William Dillon, nor in any way authorised by
biin,    .But Sir (la van Duffy naturally believed it tn he genuine, and Kent the following reply :
'Thanks, I do not Ktti4\ a coiistitiu^nry* but I am a ropoalor, an 1 bavn Inuni all my life, and if Mtmtb I'lact we I will do my Inwt in ot)tu*crt with tho Irish immiborrt to fittrvo tlui Irish <*aust\ Should tlm con-Htitiumey bo dissatisfuul with ma at any timo ! will resign. But if it bo mado a condition that I shall join thts Tioa#uo and adopt its novtd ft»rniula instead of tho principles liold by mo in eonnnon with OX'unnell, OMJrion, 'Davis,'Dillon, 'Di% Ma^jinnf Mea^her, and all the, Nationalists in my time, that I cannot du,"
This (rle««ram was road immediutrlv to tbt* Ib»nii» "K.tth* I4e;i;;ue. A rumour wan sptvad that DtdTy m«-ant to repudiate* the Len/tue, find t»> di-,'.tr«»v it ; and in order to avoid n Nplit in (he Nati«>nali?*t rank^, IUM frii»nds in Meiitb did not preKH his eandiiluture,
Parnt*!!, however, wa« opposed by a Torv and by an Indepinident Ilontft Kuler. But In April IH'75 he. was placed at tho binid c»f the poll, timid a ?.lnnu of popular onthumaRin. * lliern tfeineiidim"-; rejnirinjr in I loyal Meath/ a contfinporury writer, *o\vr tin* victory, KnthuKiastic crowtln aHm*!ubtrcl in tliniiKiind'i loj;5ve vent to aconmum fouling of ti^ii^ht. llttititrrH Waxed in many quarters; ami tlni pttpitliiee nf Triitt, in which town the declaration of tlte pull htui hern