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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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/K-r. LM)]                        MK.VTII  KLKGTFON                                   79
made, having discovered Mr. Parnell walking down from the parochial house to his hotel, laid lovingly violent hands on him, carried him in triumph round their own special bonfire, in the Market Square, and finally set him standing on a cask/ where he said a fe\v words of thanks for his return and of congratulation for the Nationalist victory. The hour of the future leader had at length come.1
1 Sir Gavan Duffy objected to Haiti's Homo llulo, plan as a retreat from the historical position taken up hy (rOonnell and tho Young Irelandern, and complained that the policy of independent opposition, initiated by him and the Tenant Hitfht Leu^uern of 1H5'2, was not carried out. *I Ktrove,' navH Sir GIIVUM Daily, Mo familiaviHo tho people with the- policy 1>.V which alone the cause mi^ht he earricul to Hiiccc^ss—tho policy of independent opposition ; a policy which meant union with no Knj;lish party, and hostility to none which was prepared to advance ouv euuae.' League of N\>iik and South.