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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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80                 CHARLES STEWART  PAUXKLL
L took bin seat in the House of CoininonB on April 22> 1875. Ho was introduced by Captain Nolan, member for Oahvay, and Mr. Kimin, Hcuior member for Meath.
There were at thin lime, tin we have seen, fifty-nine Home Kule members. The parliamentary attitude of the great majority of these may he described as active rather than aggressive. Butt himself was a mode! of courtesy and moderation. He tried rather to win English sympathy than foree Knglish oplniun, flit addressed the Hnust* as he would address a jurv. He Kought to pt*rsuaile, et»neiliat<*. Immmir, never saviui; or doing aught to shoek the suscej»tihiliti«vi of hin audience. Jle argiti*d, he appealed, lie ha.'>ei! la*t rann on facts and reantni, he rt*lied «u the ju?»tirt* and fair-of Kngland. lie renpei'trd Knglinii liriitiiiieiit, and hoped by moderation mid frii*ntliint^«H to rrmovti Engliiih prejudice, II« fiertipnltiitfily c»bHi*rvtu{ purlin* mentary forms, and eonseientitniiily kept the law «»f tlm land. He was, indeed^ a perfect typo of the tutional agitator, geeking by legul nietliiMlii tn the law, hut doing no violence to it. *T!n* Huttm* of Commotw/ Bitid the htta Mr, Henry Itichariln, 'in the kingtluiu of Heaven in ones n?«£n?ct,               il Iii