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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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96                   CHARLES STEWART  PAENKLL               (,17<I
as publicly as T can that I do not iK'liove, aiul ntnvr shall believe, that any xmmlrr wan committed at Manchester/ This rejoinder was received with loud cheers from the Irish benches, and Sir Michael Hicks-
Beaeh  passed   from   the subject of   the * Manchester
1 On August I, 1H?4, ii motion for the relea-ift of the IVninn prisoner** wan brought forward by Mr, O'Connor J'ower. Mr. Bright took part in the dubato, and dealing with th can* of th Manuhtwtttr xnon, fiiuti; * I havo regr^ttod that on ft former wtiiwiott when tht'i matter wan before us I did not take tho opportunity of nay ing what I have long thought with regard to th which In caflwl "Tliti Mancht'Htor Outrage.1* Thero wau In that caw tuitt man kilU*d im man shotant! fatal nhot firod, and thtwfort it may bt urged fitiwtf that only on man in ft certain HtmHo was guilty of murder. I butt* living in that neighbourhood, fk very painful interview with tht* rvlaliveii of one of th three wen who wer hanged, and they wero tint willing to lay tho blamo upon oithcr of the other two. but they felt v*ry cn. fidontly that then* were no Huftlntmt gntundn for believing that lb prinoxKtr in whono fate they wer particularly interested wan tin? rnti who ilrcd tho fatal nljot. One of tho three, 1 prt';iume, wa thft guilty ponion, but the three were hanged. Now, it always appeared U> mtt that tho course pur^uod by the Home Ortlre. on that tu-ea'tion wivn un umvina one. I am averj<i to capital puni'ihment* art mo-st iiieiiiht^'j f the IIouNtt know, but in a wine of thiii kind 1 think to hnrti-* thrett mrn fpf one fatal >;hot wan a mistake n mistake ucQoritifttf to the order ut practioo of our law, and 11 great mistake when w loi*k at it in it-i jtohtinil aHpt^ct. On the tiroatiion I have alluded tt, when ivpre-ientiitin made, it WHK denied that thi^wns f.trictly a political C*HM, or tlmt ! wan reported tt> because it wa-i a |MihtUtal cu^e; but I huvi* alttii the opinian that I held then, an*l hold now, that it U-H-J juiUtjy L.T It was ft political cant* thtit three nie were handed for the murder * man, 1 roeollfiot urging it in Ihta way: If theni* ibre mm tw4 1 out on a poaching iixjwttitiori, and in the oonfltot thai took pJr** letper wits killed by on thot ami threi* mtw were iried fr if, I tw thiire in no judge wh woiiltl have ii^itwttf.ati, and n* Home Hr;pr who would have thought it hin duty t advi^t* that, lhi*^t Otrri* nhould b hanged tor tliti ciffanw*. I          i that ih* tlirwi *
hangtid booauH0 it watt 11 |iolitiaal offtmed, ami *4                it w.-4 an
ordinary murdttr of on man, committed by tm         and by ti pJipt, Tho otiior clay there was a         in my nuighbaurhmHt if ait committed by pnwanii conntiotad with ft tradii union in tlt Dfi|fhbtmr^ hood of llulton.   Unfortunately a man ^tm               by t iittml^r nf hi-*
fellow-workmen and wa killwl.   Ko doubt all                   pri)^nt aitl
maltreated the man wens guilty of an illegal ai?t, ttitt Ii In               in
uay who it WUH that wan guilty of th off*m<se of destroying ttmi ftiiit*ii life. Threes I think, wt?re oonvioted, not of murderibut of
f till*!