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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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100                 CHARLES STEWART PARNKLL            [1876
for him to learn what was the etiquette in matters of this kind, and that he would communicate with them on his return to Washington. Grant immediately returned to Washington, whither tlio delegates proceeded too. There they were informed that it would be necessary to have the address presented through the English Ambassador, but they declined to take thin course.
A correspondence than took place between the delegates and the American Secretary of Btate, they urging that the intervention of the British Minister was unnecessary and objectionable, ho insisting that it could not be dispensed with.
Parnell returned to England in November, leaving Mr. O'Connor Power in charge of the               which
was ultimately accepted by the over the head of the President.                       on hit*
arrival at Liverpool Parnell                  a
meeting.   He said:
* You have also               duty to                          is
to educate public opinion in England upon Iri«h questions, which I have looked upon m a difficult and almost impossible task—so difficult that I hav« oftun been tempted to think that it no USD trying to educate English public opinion. The Knglmh encourage • prejudice                Ireland. Kiiglinhiritfn
•themselves are   in   many respect**   ffdr-tttimkd reasonable, but it is almost impossible* to gut tit tlii»rti —it requires intelligence almost ftuprrhumati to the cloiule of prejudice under which tlttty          iiwi!
during  their   lives,    I  know the difticultitm of tint position of tho Irish people in England,    li is not for people, living tw they are in friendMhip with English neighbours, to keep thcmnoIveH