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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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JET. 81]                             'A  ROKXK'                                      Hi
libel/ and with this alteration the claxiBO was added to the Bill
But there was more of pure olmtruction iu hi« opposition to tho Mutiny Bill on April 1.2. He, Captain Nolan, and Biggar fought many              and
at length, about twelve o'clock, Biggat* moved to 1 report progre»«.% ' It wan quite too late/ he mild, * to go on with the Hill, a« there wore nevera! important amendments to ht» proposed.'
Mr. ("!<tthorn?*llttntt/.   * I h<»pt» tlu» committee* will tho unopposed clauses/
Pttrnell. * Will thf (loViTtunent undertake to report progress whan CliiUHo 55 is paHs<ul ? *
Mr. Crcif/itiriif-lliii'ili/,  * I pro[KMtt tt> tuk<* tlu-wp to Clauftcj I):!.1
Panirll,   * This (iov^rmuonL nr« un have €«uleavoun«l to                                  Hut an ox-
amplo of                             Mat                   night hy hon.
not          tho Bill of tlici
hen.               tor                                         to
iuad not          so, lint tho
tho idbby,1             of * Order,1)
Th$                    *                          Just          is cer-
tainly ono                    not be         by hon. mcmbera.'
The                                     Iliinfianlgivtis no notion
of the         of                   into which tho Hmmo (a full
House) was              during this altercation.    Most of
the            in                       unopposed.  Hamburg woro
irnpatlamt,                        to get tho                 through
quickly.                                    nothing which
But  Famdl
the way,    Tim                             and             but the
for             hold hii               defiantly.   Tho
Home                     us                         at hi*