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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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120                 CHARLES STEWART PARNELL             [1877
its functions by the "connivance" of those intrusted with its working, in the imperfect and defective performance of much of even that portion  if the con-tinned working of this institution is constantly attended with much wrong and hardship to my country, as frequently it has been the source of gross cruelty and tyranny  I cannot consider it is my duty to connive in the imperfect performance of these functions, while I should certainly not think of obstructing any useful, solid, or well-performed work/
While this correspondence was going on Parnell wrote the following letter to Dr. Kenny with reference to the Tipperary election, then pending :
. * MY DEAB DE.. KJBNNY,  I do not think --woulcf be much use. We have too many men of his stamp already, who consider that they are sent here to make a parliamentary reputation and not to attend to the interests of the country. I quite agree with you, it is best to let Mr. Biggar, myself, and others work along quietly for the present. If Butt can only be induced to let us alone, we are quite equal to the task we have set ourselves, which is not a very difficult one.
' Yours very truly, ' CHAS. S.
Parnell now resolved to carry on the fight with Butt to the bitter end. The Home Rule leader had the Moderate Home Eulers at his back. The member for Meath relied on the advanced men. The Home Rule Confederation of Great Britain  a body influenced by Fenians  took him up, and under its auspices he addressed public meetings in England and Scotland. ' We got Parnell a platform/ said the founder of this