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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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jRt. si]                   HUSH   IK   KNUI«AM»                           l/Jlt
—and out tumbli'd a |>nrkii.|,ft* tlit* liko of which wan certainly novor H«HW in Utlogritphu: form Ijefore. The judges looked at it; ovrryhtxly lonkiul at it. I : a My lords* will you allow nte to thin                f It
maybe of importamso.** Thoy *'Certainly ,** I sat down and wiultui through tho t&lpfrram, turning over slwflt nfter wheel, to the* amaxointmt of the on-lookem. Itut it wan imt your urgtiiitriits that animprtmHioiioi! mo— it WI.IH thi» Ifii^lh nf th<» tt4*gimitt, "Tho man/11 ^aitl, ** who luts H*»nt uu* thi« lt*Ip|inuti of 1,000 wunl^ HUH! hi* ti»rril»Iy in fariu*st» antl thi* 1111*11 behind him nui^f 1^ ft'rril»ly in ninit^Ht IIHI/" nrtti HO I flont off a ivply t«» you at oun*.' f liitf/M rrjily WUH niiort and to the* jniint, 'Shall l»t* with you if ! nut itlivcC And NO Butt HUt*!t*l«<tt tlir mft'tim*. itml thi* llonm Jtulo ronfrttfratioii of <Jr«*at flrttniit s^riini; into lw*iiig» *WiiH flu* C'iiiif»*iti*rntitisi iilttiiyn iiiutrt* tin* control of FfuiaiH?' 1 itHtiril \t * Atwnyn/lt«* uttHWtuvtt, *Th«*y w<«r<^ Wi*H ri*in'r»»t*ttti*tl on tht* rmtttrtl; ««r and                                                   < )f
plenty cif                                    nut FrniititM, but tho
tlir              of thit                   Tho 1 loitm
liulo (30iifitili*rtttt4iti of                       iliil rxwlltmt work
for the IliMtti! Unit*           in llrtiit liritain,   Tha lti«h
wtti          iK*rf«<stly                   ;   ttu*  Iri«h  vott*r
fontiitliiblts    Kvory rttiiiltiliit^ who nUnul for a coxiBtituoncy whi*ri* th« Irinlt votn wan «tniiig hud tho follciwirig plfMlni* unliiiiittrc! to hint: 'To votu for this appointtnonl of a twlccl <!(»tninitt«*«* to tiiquiro into report upon thi* motives (*xtt»nt, »iul tho                 nl
tho clomaml intulo by n           iirojMirtioit of the
people for tho roHtoratson to Ireland of an Irinh Parliament with power to              tho internal             of tha country.1