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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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Ate. 31]             SPEECH  AT  MANCHESTER                     li>0
chairman do now leave the chair/ This motion was defeated by 127 to 0. Than Major O'Gorman came to the front amid "strong expresnioiu) of (liBapprobation/ and moved to * report progress,1 and HO the battle went on. Obstructive motion succeeded obstructive motion, until the House was thrown into a fever of excitement and anger. At three o'clock in the morning, when the obstructives were reduced to five, Parnell, with characteristic coolness, asked the Chancellor of the Kxahe-quor what he wanted. * .Does the right hon. gentleman want a victory over five Irishmen? What is the principle for which he in contending?*
The Chancellor of the Kxehequer annwered : * That a small minority shall give way to a large* majority/
But Mr. O'Connor Power, who led the* fight, would not give way, and the struggle continued. At half-past throe Mr* Whalloy prottmted that the* biutineBH of this House ought to bo carried on *in tho light of day/ The House was weary and angry; but the unoonsoioun humour of this                 too much. It a brilliant
July morning, and the 4 light of day * Htroarning in through the          windows* The HOUHC* roared, and
Whalley succumbed. Mr, C,)M)tmnell roue nearly an hour later to protect ont:a more 'against the* nhanus of this midnight legislation/ The Iloune, hcnvevt*r, nut on steadily voting clown tho inreprefwihle five, who kept alternately moving that 4 the* chairman do report pro-grcsw* and that 'tho chairman do now Iciuv the* chair* until 7 A.M., whan the* (-hivcrmmml tlmnv up tho Hpmigtt and loft tho obBtruetiven triumphant.
On July 15 Panic1!! addnmHc^d a f*rt*nt nux'tting at Manchester, ono of X.'H thirteen, or rathor fcmrttwn meetings. HeBaid ; * Kor nty part, I munt tc»!l you that I do not balievo in a policy of conciliation of Knglinh
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