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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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130                CHARLES STEWART PARNELL            [18/7
feeling or English prejudices. I believe that you may go on trying to conciliate English prejudice until the day of judgment, and that you will not get the breadth of my nail from them. What did we ever get in the past by trying to conciliate them ?'
A Voice. ' Nothing except the sword.' (Applause.) Parnell. ' Did we get the abolition of tithes by the conciliation of our English taskmasters ? No; i£ was , because we adopted different* measures. (Applause.) Did O'Connell gain emancipation for Ireland by conciliation ? (Cries of " No/*) I rather think that O'Connell in his time was not of a very conciliatory disposition, and that at least during a part of his career he was about the best-abused Irishman living. (Laughter and loud applause.) Catholic emancipation was gained because an English king and his Minister feared revolution. (Applause.) Why was the English Church in Ireland disestablished and disendowed ? Why was some measure of protection given to the Irish tenant ? It was because there was an explosion at Clerkenwell and because a lock was shot off a prison van at Manchester. (Great applause.) We will never gain anything from England unless we tread upon her toes; we will never gain a single sixpennyworth from her by conciliation/ (Great cheering.)
On July 25 there was another encounter between the Irishmen and the Government. The South Africa Bill—the Bill for the annexation of the Transvaal— was in committee. It was opposed, not only by Parnell and his little band, but by some British members as well, notably by Mr. Courtney and Mr. Jenkins. On this particular night Mr. Jenkins and 'other hon. members' were charged by Mr. Monk with ' abusing the forms of the House.' Mr. Jenkins individually