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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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^T. 81]                              NEW   IUJLKH                                        m
the House of Commons (which was tha moaning attached to his words in the gonoral confusion), hut tho intentions of the Government a very different tiling.
Mr. Knatchbull*Hugo8*um, who had not a particle of sympathy with Parnell, put the case clearly Ixrforo the House after Parnell had withdrawn, * I am mire/ said ho, * that the Chancellor of tho Kxchot{uor would not contend that the member for Moath should bo punished because he wished to thwart the* intentions of the Government.' * Certainly not/ said Sir Stafford with emphasis The HOUKO noon saw the situation. Sir Stafford had blundered, Mr, Uathorne-Ihwly rose immediately to movti that the ' debatt* (on tin* motion to BUHpend Parnell) be adjourned until Friday/ * Tho motion was earriod, and Parm.*H, rseortrd by Hig^ar, returned to tlui HOUHO, and nmumiul bin HJMW!I ou the South African Bill just at tho point whoro ho Isiwl Iwtin interrupted, an iC nothing tinunual hiwt otummtcl.
On Friday,*.} lily *27, Sir Stafford Northcuto two new          for dealing with olmtrucliott, tho
of which (1) that a intanbor twica dticlaml out of order might bo fiiinpendod ; (*2) that tho motion * to report progress/ and kindrtul tuotioiiHy could only ho moved once by the Hamo inotnlnu* in tho Hanw d^tmti*. Parnell offered no Horioun oppomtion to tlum< rttlon. Ho know it woiild ba nm^m, .Hut ho made* a short spc^!ch in doft^nco of his own conduct* wiiii*lt tuay l*o takcn as a fair Nppcintrn <if lii foutrfntraliHl ntylo of argument and Kiu<ral J*tt* nf ivfiolling obtitructivo accusations,
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of olmtruotii^n                iw mi iiiTtiiiitt f my
action 4111 tho PrimutH Hill,    Hut vilmt         th
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