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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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/ET, Si]                SOUTH'   AFmt'AN   HILL                       135
that there was much information that the Houso yet needed on the whole question, and protesting againut rash legislation. Hir William Harcourt quickly joined
in the fray, interrupting Parnoll, charging him with deliberate obstruction, and appealing to the HOUHO to put down the small minority who nought to dontroy its utility. When Sir William sat down, Parnoll Haiti, in the most unruffled manner, * Sir, I, will now continue my observations.1 I le wan ^reeted with it perfect ntorm of yells from every part of the House. He paused, waited patiently until then* was a lull, und then went on with bin remarks. Thu chairman railed him to order, but Htill ho persevered with cxrrlh'tit temper und great courtesy, complimenting the chairman on I ho fairnesH of bin ruling,, but nevrrtht«U<HH showing no intention of giving way, Finally the motion * to report progre«« * WIIH withdrawn. Hut othw obMtructiva motionn rapidly followtitl, aiicl thti ItoiiHt^           mnm
thrown into a ferment of diKordor.    At                  of
the procoodings thii din          ntj                    Panuiil,
finding it iinpofmiblo to coiutnand th«                 of the
chairman, walked very coolly from hii           IK»!OW tho
gangway to the tablo, and then*, amid a lull cauHf*d by his suprema audacity, rcmunitul bin rilmervntioiiH,
Upon another cieciwion he* wartuul bon. titt*mber« that they were wanting the time of the HOUHH in entering into pernonai quurn*!H, inntritd of ntirking t«> tho Bill, * As for the threiitn tif physiml eiH'litiiitieti held out to mc% 1 can tiBsuni tlie Hmmtf if bon. iiii*itil>t»ri divida thentiielvtw into n*!iiyH, my frii*ntl« * und I divide ourH<»lvi*H into retityH t^c»,*
At tlirc»o o'clock in If it* tti«ntiiig Iliiil           in
fc»rr4» *n!i t«l«t ' iitiinS^pftl                    •
O'Comutr Towor, Kirk, ntttt iVtitrt),