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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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A                                                       145
cMi M<t P'MVJU n4*          So you do Mr. ——?'f
a I:., i*h 4i'   »«h:^h \\a"j                       Laul,        a
mil »i   t <<     ,M.»t iml gracious;          felt                    a
j/iJ i * tvit * » \ « dtt.l iiiii4     It wu«» different
1 «u f< It L   i ^ ii^'it !iiu%Lif           to your
f-»*^jt L> ..M^U^ fn Li^                iioniely
P.i/i1 »1 ., \r» /  !*'-i,              Xo                                   he
mij^t i ••, Le kf j>t the di-tonce always rttween
an'4 y-'i     Hv \\a* u.\vo.ys ei^a-od ir ^tt. 1.    Well, the
L /ir » ! br.-in.s-> came.    One cf the fir->t items on the
^ .iila,  v*\i    tiie  c.cctlcii  of  president     Panieil
I r 1}   *•• / ./. i  -t,» ^d< d, and  tkcttd   IA   acclamation.
TL-'.r. \\.;> i, • i   ^ipftit3r*    The whule tLmg was done
In a qaitt i r^Iiitbts-Lke way, as If it \\xrca iiiere matter
of              I ix>oked at Butt.    There was no
Ms                  He felt the          keenly.    He rose? after
a                                            he                       to go to
on                           of                and
the                                          his                    He
I                               the                              no
the                                               by
1                    to tell                     the
we                                 —        we               an ad-
and                              the          to carry
it           1           up                             the door.    4I Mr.
Butt," I          " I am                               has happened,
but it            not be helped/'    He turned round; his
as he           in the most
** Ah! I             thought   the   Irish  in
do        to me/1    Well, my voice stuck
in my               I               say anything.    Butt took my
in           his,               it, and               off.    There
not a bit of             in the             He         full of
but 1 do not           he                  with anyone.