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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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152                 CHARLES STEWART PARNELL            [1878
the supreme council. Three other Fenians were released ahout the same time as Davitt—Sergeant McCarthy, Corporal Chambers, and John P. O'Brien. On January 5, 1878, all three returned to Ireland. They were met on their arrival at Kingstown by Parnell, O'Connor Power, and others.
The men received a great ovation on reaching Westland Bow, and with the cheers for the * political prisoners * were mingled cheers for ' Parnell/
Parnell invited the four men to breakfast at Morrison's Hotel, where a tragic scene occurred. As Sergeant McCarthy, who had suffered much in prison, entered the room he was seen to grow faint and stagger. He was immediately helped to a sofa, where, in a few minutes, he died. Parnell was much shocked, but the tragedy served to increase the respect and sympathy which he always felt for those who did and dared for Ireland. McCarthy, like many another Fenian, had risked all, and lost all, for the faith that was in him.