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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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Mr. 32]
ON January 14 and 15,1878, another Home Eule conference was held in Dublin, in the hope of closing the widening breach between Butt and Parnell.
Butt once more condemned the policy of obstruction, and Parnell once more defended it. An extract from the speech of each will suffice.
Mr. Butt. 'I took the liberty some time ago at Limerick to lay down what I believed was the policy to pursue, and that was to make an assault all along the whole line of English misgovernment, and to bring forward every grievance of Ireland, and to press the English House of Commons for their redress; and I believed, and believe it still, that if once we got liberal-minded Englishmen fairly to consider how they would redress the grievance of Irish misgovernment, they would come in the end to the conclusion that they had but one way of giving us good government, and that was by allowing us to govern ourselves.'
ParnelL 'If I refrain from asking the country to-day, by the voice of this conference, to adopt any particular line of action, or any particular policy, or to put any definite issue in reference to it before this conference, I do so solely because I am young, and can wait------'