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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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IB'2                 CHARLES STEWART PARNKLL            [1878
election, anything of that kind--then certainly many
Fenians came in and helpcxl us. They were full of energy; they were about the best workers we had. It always seemed to mo that they could not help having a "go" at England whenever an opportunity of any kind offered; and they certainly felt that in fighting for a Homo Rule candidate against a Unionist they ware striking in some way against English authority in Ireland. I had rather a curious experience myself of the Fenians about this time. There was a working men's club composed entirely of Irish, I came in contact with the members, as I was always knocking up against Irishmen in London and other parts of England. These working men asked me to do some secretarial business for them—to keep their books, <fcc. I agreed, and used to attend their meetings occasionally. Looking through their books I found there was a fine lot of names, and they were a fine lot of fellows too, and I did not see why they should not join the Confederation, Bo one* day I sent a circular to all tha members of the club inviting thorn to join. Homo time afterwards I wont to the club as usual, but I was tm»t with scowls. AH every man dropped in he looked at nui askance and suspiciously, I could see that I was in some sort of but I could not make out what it wa« all about. At last one of them got up and naicl: f< What I                 lias happened, I                     Mr. ——
coming in hare and doing anything for UN,    Ho ii a Home Rule           and I knew he would be inter-
fering with us.   I am an thankful to him EH hero for the work he has dona for our club.   But wo are not Home Rulers.   We are Fenian*, and we do not want to be interfered with, that** all/1   Tha circular was the causa of the whole row,   I