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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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JET. &S]                 DEVOY AND DAVITT                           165
class; he felt their wrongs acutely, and longed to right them. He has sometimes been credited with tho invention of what came to he called the4, * new departure/ the combined action of ConKtitutionaliHts and Bevolutionists for the common purpose of national independence. But the fact in the, * new departure r was in the air before Davitt arrived in America. James O'Kelly, John Devoy, and others had been thinking it out while Davitt was in jail. * Had Davitt come to America in the beginning of 1H77," said a. member of the Clan-na-dael to me, ' he. would have found a few men ready to discuss the ne.w departure and to favour it. But neither he nor we could have dared broach it at a public meeting of the elan. Hut a change had taken place in a twelvemonth. Parnell's action in Parliament had made people think that something might be done with the Parliamentarians after all, iW'IianwntarianiHW was apparently becoming a renpeetable thing. It might be possible, to touch it without hiuummig contaminated. Parnoll had, in fact, made the running for Davitt, and Davitt arrived in New York just in th<i nick of time. Many influential membern of tin* (-Ian were full of the notion of an alliance with the Constitutional party, and were now ready to co-operate with Davitt in bringing it about.' Davitt had, of course,
pounced upon him for an inorcatwd runt.   Thr tenant rould not |iiiy hiu roHourccft had been exhausted in bringing the bj? into a ntuttt f cultivation, h< hud not y<t riToujwd him^lf for hin outlity antl hitnmr.
Ho WHH (ivictulf fln on Uw roiulNith* to ntarvis withmst iVrriving cmt shilling cotnpcuKation for hin outlay on thf turn!, awl th< " furm " w!tili ho had iniulci wan $i\m to Another at an tmhtuwrd mttnl. Wliiil tiki the flviotml tenant do V Hn itnt(*r^d a Uibbtm Loilgi*, lolil th ntUtry of his wrong, and demanded vangt'n,n^ on th man whum h imltt*cl a tyrant and an opir<'Hor. Only tim ofti*n hi *try Ii.wtitni*tl to ancl vengeance wan wrwik^d on th hmdlord, or th*i nw tiiniiiit; ami itom*< timcfi on botli. Thi i brhilJy thu dianml atury ! th* lutul trtittblt? in Ireland/-- Thoman l)rumm<ma, Life mul