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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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198                CHARLES  STEWART PARNELL             [1879
4 WELL, Parnell has his work cut out for him now, at all events. If he can hold his ground with the Clan-na-Gael, and afterwards hold it in the House of Commons, he will win Home Eule, The Clan-na-Gael are the open and avowed enemies of England. Their policy is to strike her anywhere and anyhow. What is Parnell going to say to them ? If he speaks with an eye to the House of Commons his speeches won't go down with the Clan. If he speaks with an eye to the Clan his speeches will be used with tremendous effect against him in the House. It is all very well for men who are not members of Parliament to go among Eevolutionists. But the member of Parliament has- to face the music at St. Stephen's; and how Parnell is going to face it after his visit to the Clan-na-Gael I don't know.'
So said an Irish Home Eule member to me on the eve of Parnell's departure for the United States.
Parnell himself set out on his mission with a light heart. What the House of Commons would think, or would not think, gave him little trouble. He was not in the habit of forecasting the future to an extent which would interfere with the operations of the present.