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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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216                CHARLES  STEWART PARNELL              [1880
Liberal vote and to let the Tory Goulding slip in. 0'Sullivan feared a-similar result now, though in any case he would not like to see an "Extremist" like Parnell returned.
' Murphy was a strong candidate, having immense local influence, and the Catholic Bishop, Dr. Delaney, was at his back. In the evening I had a wire from Parnell from Morrison's Hotel, Dublin, thanking me for nominating him, and saying he would come down by the night mail on Friday, April 2.
'During Friday afternoon a rumour was freely circulated that Parnell was the Tory nominee. On Saturday morning he arrived at 2 A.M. I met him at the railway station. He surprised me by asking how he came to be nominated. "Why," I said, "did you not authorise Y. to nominate you, and send him 250Z. to pay expenses?'' "I did not send him a farthing," said Parnell, "and I know nothing whatever about him; never heard of him. There is something that wants looking into here." "Well," I said, "let us come to the hotel, at all events; have a rest, and I will send for Father O'Mahony." Accordingly, we went to the hotel. Parnell had some hours' rest, and came down to breakfast looking as fresh as paint. Father O'Mahony had also come, and was much excited about the rumour that Parnell was being run by the Tories. Tim Healy was present too. I told the whole story of how Y. came to me over again.
' When I was done Parnell said, as quick as lightning : " Send for Y." We despatched a messenger for Y., who soon appeared upon the scene. Parnell at once took Y. in hand, and went straight to the point without a moment's delay. " Where did you get the