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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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JET. 34]              CORK COUNTY ELECTION                    221
April 14 Parnell kept flying around the counties of Cork, Mayo, and Meath. He was nights and days-travelling between the three counties and addressing meetings. James 0'Kelly, with Healy and Kettle, remained with me in Cork, and also Lysaght Finnigan. These gentlemen scattered themselves about parts of the county, but they were unable to visit one-fifteenth part of the constituency. One day Parnell was in Mayo, next day in Cork, and next in Meath, and so on, eternally flying from one county to the other. I da not believe Parnell slept in a bed for ten days. He was also much engaged with looking after his other various candidates all over Ireland. The county election took place on April 14. Reports came in that the priests were working hard at every polling centre on behalf of Shaw and Colthurst. On April 15 the scrutiny took place. It was very exciting. The voting was very even for some hours. Colthurst was so sure of defeat by Kettle that he retired from the room; but towards the end it was found that Colthurst was ahead of Kettle by 151. Shaw polled 5,354, Colthurst 3,581, and Kettle 3,430, which was a splendid result considering the opposition of the four bishops and all the priests, and the short time we had for preparation.
'About  a month  after the  election   Y.   brought me  a letter from  Mr.  Harvey, solicitor, demanding-
payment on behalf of Mr. B------ of the 250Z. which
B------ had given Y., and threatening an action at law
if it was not paid. I took Mr. Harvey's letter, and told Y. I would see him harmless over the matter and attend to it myself. I wrote to Harvey saying I would accept service of the writ on behalf of Y. I was never served with the writ, so that we had the