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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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.'Ex. 34]                  ELECTION OF LEADER                     223
Everyone is welcome to his opinion about this movement, and to express it.'
In Great Britain the Liberals swept the constituencies. In Ireland the Nationalists more than held their ground. Out of 105 seats they won 60, against 44 Unionists. Thus the general result of the election in Great Britain and Ireland (all told) was—Liberals, 349 ; Tories, 243; Home Enters, 60.
On April 26 the Irish parliamentary party met in Dublin to elect a leader and to consider other business. The election of leader was postponed until the adjourned meeting in May. * If Parnell,' an experienced Nationalist said to me at the time, ' allows himself to be nominated as leader of the party he will commit a great mistake. He will do infinitely better, for the present, at all events, by remaining leader of the extreme left, and by keeping the moderates up to the collar. As leader of the whole party his relations with the advanced men would make his position very embarrassing. What wre want is a moderate man like Shaw to command the whole party, and an extreme man like Parnell to lead the van.' This was not ParnelTs view of the situation. He believed that he was able to lead the Irish party, and that no other man could. The election of leader came off in May. Shaw was nominated by Maurice Brooks and Eichard Power; Parnell by the O'Gormaii Mahon and Biggar.
Parnell......23 votes
Shaw     ......   18     „
Majority for Parnell       *       „     5 l  „
1 For Parnell:   Sexton, Arthur O'Connor, O'Kelly, Byrne, Barvy, McCarthy, Biggar, T. P. O'Connor, Lalor, T. D. Sullivan, Dr. Comrnins,