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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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ML. 34]                    AN  ' IRON   WILL '                           225
up his mind in an instant, and did the thing without doubting or flinching/
' As a parliamentary strategist/ says Mr. Healy, 'Parnell was simply perfect. No one was like him for seeing the difficulties of a situation and for getting out of them.'
' To what do you ascribe Parnell's success ?' I asked Sir Charles Dilke.
He answered: ' To his aloofness. He hated England, English ways, English modes of thought. He would have nothing to do with us. He acted like a foreigner. We could not get at him as at any other man in English public life. He was not one of us in any sense. Dealing with him was like dealing with a foreign Power. This gave him immense advantage, and, coupled with his iron will, explains his ascendency and success.' Inexorable tenacity, sound judgment, knowledge of his own mind at all times, dauntless courage, an iron will, and the faculty of controlling himself and others—these were the qualities which made Parnell leader of the Irish people and arbiter of English parties.