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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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244:                 CHARLES  STEWART PARNELL               [1880
* The convulsion of horror which grew out of it was because the English Government knew there were men in Ireland to-day absolutely feverish to clutch hundreds and thousands of rifles, in order, not only to abolish Irish landlordism, but to consummate the hopes of Irishmen by abolishing something else/
At Kansas City, in September, he said: ' "We have, as you have already been told, declared an unceasing war against landlordism; not a war to call on our people to shoulder the rifle and to go out in the open field and settle the question that is now agitating Ireland— although I am not opposed to a settlement of that nature providing I could see a chance of success—but for the fourth time during the present century we have tried a physical struggle with England, and instead of hurting England we have generally hurt ourselves. Now I believe it is far better to meet on different ground and to do battle in a different mode. And in declaring this war against Irish landlordism, in not paying rent in order to bring down the garrison in Ireland, we know we are doing a proper work. We are preparing the way for that independence which you enjoy in this great American republic/
In America Davitt formed a fast friendship with Patrick Eord, the proprietor of the 'Irish World/ who defended the policy of the new departure, collected funds for the Land League, and preached a furious crusade against England.                                   ;
The * Irish. World' was circulated freely in Ireland, and it must be confessed that a more inflammable production could scarcely be placed in the hands of the people. A few ex-tracts from its columns may be given to make the point clearer.