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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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^ET. 35]           A NON-POLITICAL FUNCTION                 SC3
His appearance "in" the hall was the signal for another outburst of applause, and as he jumped on an outside car .and drove rapidly off to catch the boat for England; the crowd on the quay cheered vociferously, shouting ' Long live the Chief!'
' The Land League/ cabled Parnell to the ' Irish World/ 'has scored a victory. The ten to two disagreement of the jury is everywhere accepted as having the force of an acquittal. Thanks to the " Irish World3J and its readers for their constant co-operation and substantial support in our good cause. Let them have no fear of its ultimate success.'
Brennan, the secretary of the League, cabled about the same time (February 2) to the 'Irish World'.: * $1,000 cabled this week by " Irish World " is received/
The result of the trial was received with a blaze of
approbation.   Bonfires were lit on every hill, meetings
were called in every  district, resolutions of triumph
and confidence  were  everywhere passed.    The first
.move  of the Government  was a blunder.    It served
, only to consolidate the strength of the League.
I shall close this chapter with some account of a non-political function which Parnell attended in tfye autumn of. 1880. .1 shall let Mr. Horgan, who took a leading part at the function, tell the story.
'In the summer of 1880 I was engaged to be married. One.evening I took my intended wife to the House of Commons. She went to the Ladies' Gallery. I had some business to do with Parnell. He and I walked up and down one of the corridors for some time, talking over business matters. That done, I said to him, " Mr. Parnell, I am going to be .married." " Quite right, Horgan," said he, placing