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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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270               CHARLES STEWART PARNELL            [1881
am very ignorant. I am very quick, though, at picking up things.' I named some books to him. ' All right/, he said, * I will go into the Library and get them. We will look through them together.' He went to the Library, and soon returned with the books. We stood at the little desk close to the door leading into the Beading-room. He plunged into- the books, marking with blue pencil the passages that specially interested him. ' Do they allow you .to mark books here ?' I asked, observing that he was disfiguring the pages ixi the most reckless fashion. ' I don't know,' was the answer, with the air of a man who thought the question quite irrelevant. ' By Jove !' he would repeat, 'this is very good,' and he would once more daub the margin.
* Well, they cannot say I invented obstruction, for here is O'Connell doing the very thing, and defying everybody.'
A Whig Home Ruler came along, and was about to pass into the Reading-room, when Parnell suddenly stopped him.
* Where are you going ? ' he asked. ' Just into the Beading-room, Mr. Parnell, to skim over the evening papers.'                   .
Parnell. ' Don't you think you ought to be in the
Whig Home Rider. ' Yes, Mr. Parnell, I will return
Parnell [laying his hand on the Whig's shoulder].
* You will speak against the Bill ? '
Whig Home Ruler. ' I would rather not, Mr. Parnell. I really am not able to speak.' 
Parnell [with a faintly, humorous glance-at i$e]. 'You can move the adjournment of the debate, or move the Speaker out of the chair. That won't take