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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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JET. 85]     ' WHIPPING' THE IRISH MEMBERS           271
Whig Home Ruler [with alarm]. ' Oh, dear, no, Mr. Parnell, yon must excuse me; I never could do it.'
Parnell [tightening his grip on the Whig's shoulder]. ' Mark, you must vote against this Bill. I suppose you can do that. It does not need a speech, and the sooner you get hack to the House the better.' : Someone else called Parnell's attention off at this moment, and as the Whig, passing into the Eeading-rooin, turned to me and said,' Desperate man, desperate man,' Parnell returned to the desk.
After a time another Irish member (a moderate Nationalist) came along. Parnell stopped him too. ' Why have you come away ?' he asked.
11 have just spoken, Mr. Parnell,' said the member, * to the motion for adjournment, and I cannot do anything until the division is taken. I cannot speak twice to the same motion.'
Parnell. ' No, but you can help to keep a House and watch what is going forward. I think you should all remain in your places.'
After a little while I saw both the Nationalist and the Whig wending their melancholy way back towards the Lobby.
Another member soon appeared.
Parnell [stopping him]. ' Why are you all coining out of the House ? You should remain at your posts. It is impossible to say what may turn up at any moment.'
Member. ' I have just spoken.'
Parnell. ' That does not matter; a speech is not everything.'
Member. 'Here is a telegram which I have just
deceived  from   the   corporation   of  ------,  protesting
against coercion.'