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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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T. 35]                       ' INEXOEABLE >                             273
Liverpool again to-morrow, and I don't want to have my journey for nothing/
ParnelL ' I don't think there will be a division tonight/
Irish Liberal. ' When will there be a division ? *
ParnelL ' I don't know.    It won't be to-night/
The Liberal pressed Parnell to allow the division to be taken, urging that there would be plenty of opportunities on the second reading and in committee to attack the Bill.
Parnell's simple answer was: ' No, I don't think there will be a division to-night/
He did not argue the question. He gave no reasons for his decision. He merely repeated : ' There will be no division to-night/
' Inexorable/, whispered the Liberal to me as he went off. ' That's the character of the man, and it gives him his power/
Mr. Bright made a vigorous speech in support of the Bill. Mr. O'Connor Power, who was put up to answer him, failed utterly. I said so to Parnell. ' Your man failed to answer Bright. Bright ought to be answered. But he should not be treated as an enemy. His past services to Ireland ought not to be forgotten. He is as much our friend now as ever, though he is wrong on this question/
ParnelL ' I agree with what you say about Bright. He ought to be treated in a friendly way. I got one of our best men to reply to him. I can do no more/
' Do you think Bright has been answered ? '
ParnelL ' Perhaps not. But if O'Connor Power failed, who is likely to succeed ? '
'Bright's speech is very damaging, and it is ridiculous of your people to try and make light of a
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