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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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274               CHARLES STEWART TARNELL            [1881
speech which none of them have answered up to the present/
We walked along the corridor in silence for a few seconds ; then Parnell turned round, faced me, and said: 1 What does it matter? Do you think that Irish speeches have any effect on that House ? You know they mean to pass this Bill. Do you think' (with a sneer) ' that any number of clever and pretty speeches will prevent them ? What does it matter who is right about the number of outrages? The question really is, Do the Irish people support the League or the English Government ? We all know they support the League, because the League helps them, and they never trust the English Government. If we had not the people behind us we could do nothing. Mr. Forster talks as if lie represented Ireland, and the House believes him. They believe what they like to believe. We iniist show them that Ireland supports us, and defies their House. They will get this Bill through, but it will be a big job I can assure you. They have not read it a first time yet. I don't know when they will, unless they break their own rules.'
A few nights afterwards we were walking in one of the corridors. The excitement in the House at this time was intense, and almost every English member was against the Irish party. Parnell was, as usual, calm and self-possessed, and he seemed to enjoy the discomfiture of the enemy. After awhile Lord Granville came along the corridor. Parnell took no notice of him. I said :  A pleasant face, Lord Granville's.'
Parnell. ' I did not see it/
Then Lord Kimberley came along. Parnell looked furtively at him as he passed, but said nothing. Soon Lord Spencer came along, following his colleagues.