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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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^ET. 35]                   MR. A. M. SULLIVAN                         281
that case, sir, I rise to move that the House do disagree with Mr. Speaker in that ruling/   Now, for the first time, hearty cheers broke from the Irish ranks, mingled with cries of ' Chair/ ' Order, order/ from other parts of the House.   Mr. Speaker quickly rose and said: ' In taking that course the hon. member will be disregarding the authority of the Chair, and I must caution the hon. member that the course he proposes to take will involve him in the consequences of that proceeding' a reply which again called forth shouts of applause from the Ministerial and Tory benches.    Mr. Sullivan, nothing daunted or disturbed by the minatory words of the Speaker, replied that there was no member of the House more ready to bow to the ruling of the Chair than he, as there were none who more ' totally disregarded consequences in the discharge of conscientious duties.'    He was only seeking for advice and direction, and wished to be instructed and guided by the Speaker in the course he proposed to take.    ' I ask you, sir/ he said, ' whether it is not a fact that in the Journals and records of this House there stand motions that the House  do  disagree with a particular ruling of Mr. Speaker on a point of order ?'    Again there were Irish cheers, which had scarcely subsided when the Speaker rose and said: ' I can quite understand that there may have been motions of that kind made in the House, and it may be that the hon. member can make such a motion, but not as a matter of privilege.'
'I did not rise/ answered Mr. Sullivan, 'to make it as a matter of privilege, but to ask your advice as to the course proper to take.'
The Speaker replied: * If the hon. member admits that it is not a question of privilege his course is quite clear; he is bound to give notice of motion.' Once