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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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-W                CHAHLKS  8TKWAIIT PARNELL             [1881
Englishman.    There is not a bit of the Celt in him. " Yolo for the second reading if you think you have committed yourself.    It will make no matter.   As a question of tactics we ought not to make ourselves iv::,pnusiUe for the. Hill.    Do whatever you think best. The  IU11 is safe."    That is simply his answer tome. Purni'll may he quite, right in holding back.   I entirely uj|uvcmte his anxiety not to make himself responsible f^r the lUll.    What 1 object to is, that he should keep U'-. in the dark up to the very last moment, and then f*ave us into a position inconsistent with our public drebmitums.'    Some, days later Mr. Sullivan said: 'I iitsvrr eoiue away from talking to Tarn ell without feeling thut lit* knows bettor than any of xis how to deal with tin* }H'ojU* on this side.   Time always tells in his favour. Muuy of us are, inclined to he carried away by what we think  a kindly  or a generous act.    Parnell is never r;anrtl HVUIY by anything.    He never dreams of giving thf Knj'.lr.h rmlit for good intentions.    He is always iii flu- Ir.nUout for the cloven foot.    He distrusts the \\UM!< lut of th**tu, and is always on the watch.    They In4\-  /ft   tlu-ir niateb in him, and serve them right. Ii  . 2$4 jiimr I sum* lUitt tbatthoy have to deal with, or i u n uH'nuurll.   Parnellis their master as well as ours.'1 Thr Litutl Hill was nsiiil a se.cond time on May 19 In .i.'iti ti 170 voti'B, :ia Home Kulers walking out with t**in.H tin*l --t joining the majority.   In committee, l,n\\r\it,  riinu'U'B true,  designs revealed themselves. Hit' lull WIIH to be saved, but the Government were i4   t  br  uhti?ntatumsly  supported.   Whenever the itp-jvanv was in  (langer the  Parnollitcs came to the rr'a:u\    NVhrn it WHK salt? they criticised and objected, iiiitlf  it  nittht   \v  allowed,  improved the Bill     Mr.  Mr. SuUivuti liil tit vote (or the Hccond reading.