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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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-W                CHARLES STEWA11T PAENELL             [1881
transformed himself from a constitutional Minister into a tyrant! *    Here the Speaker named Parnell at once.
Mr. (Gladstone. * I was about to move------'
,l\tnie!L * I shall not await the farce of a division. i shall leave you and your House, and I shall call the public to witness that you have refused freedom of discussion/
He wan thou suspended for the remainder of the sitting.
The .Land Bill now passed without further incident through the Commons, was of course 'amended' in the LordB, and ultimately received the Koyal assent on August 2*2.
An Ulster Liberal has made the following statement to mo with reference to the Land Bill:
* At the beginning of the year there was an article in tho u Daily News" from which I gathered (rightly or wrongly) that it was the intention of the Government to introduce a strong Coercion Bill and a weak I,and Hill. 1 wrote to tho paper saying substantially that if ibis were, tho policy ot the Government they ruuld not rely on I-Istor.
' 1 met Sir William Hareourt in the Lobby, and he linked me what 1 meant by writing such a letter. I Mil that Ulster would have no tinkering with the land tjttmltun ; that there should be a sweeping measure of reform. Sir William Hareourt asked mo to breakfast with him next day, in order that we should talk the nuttier over, I then told him plainly that unless the Ctovemiaeni meant to accept the "throe Fs" they bud better not legislate at all. He expressed no <i|ğmion on the subject, but listened quietly to all I had to say. Home time afterwards, when the Bill was iueed, 1 met him in the Lobby again. He said: