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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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:**>                 HIAHLKS  STEWART PAKKELL              [1881
the * Khitf of Ireland1 were owned by Mr. Pigott. Purnt'll resolved to buy out Pigott and start a journal wliirh he rould himself command.
To carry out this purpose he formed the * Irish X ut i< n ml NVwspaper and Publishing Company, Limited; jnuvhased all Pigott's papers, dropped the ' Slwmrork,' converted the 'Flag of Ireland' into 1 t8iiilrtl livlamV and continued the 'Irishman.'
Mr. William OVBrien was appointed editor of the Land hrutfut' organs, as 'United Ireland' and the ' Irishman* now became.
While Mi'tfotiatioiiH were pending Parnell wrote to IH', Kenny on July 9, 1881 :
Parnell to Dr. Kenny
' My UKAH Du. KKNNY,Mr. O'Brien arrived here \i-,ti'nluy morning.    I  have had to-day ail interview with him, and he has definitely agreed to accept the |i jfiMii at a salary of 400/. per annum.    He wishes to I-*- p*-jnut!rl to appoint, a sub-editor, who will also act tt-< r.i!unrrriul manager, al a salary oC 300?. to 3501!.; iiu*l It*'  itifiitious Hooper, who is at ])ixisont manager uul fiit*t'ttHu in g*iu*nil of the u (-ork JTcrald."    He flunk-, thiit. Mr, James O'Connor might have his present huhiry in a tliint position on the pap<sr; bnt lie is not tjntlr n-rtitin itboui this    HO that it may become dcsir-uMi* tn |,;ivr Mr. O'Connor a hundred pounds or so and )r| liiiii |*,    Mr. O'Brien will not be able to undertake ilir ihiiirti for two or three weeks ; so that meanwhile tin- jHju-r vul! have to IK* brought out by Mr. O'Connor. Mr. < 'P.ri'i thinks it would tend greatly to insure the ,uri'i-vi   !{ flu' j*ajnr if it were, known that the pro-jinrinrti w-rf tin' lewiintf nuanlxTH of the Ijand League; iiiiti I Juivr, HII ivrtmoderation of the question, come to