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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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yEx. 35]                   < UNITED  IRELAND'                          301
the conclusion that it would be better that our Limited Liability Company should be formed of such members. I would suggest the following names: Yourself, Mr. Egan, Mr. Dillon, Mr. Justin McCarthy, Mr. John Barry, Mr. Biggar, and myself. These names will be fairly representative of the different shades of feeling in the organisation. Mr. Davitt's name should of course be one, but there might be danger of interference from the Government under present circumstances. Kindly say by wire what you think of these names for the Limited Liability Company. Mr. O'Brien is very hopeful of the success of the paper, if determinedly taken in hand by the organisation of the Land League. He thinks that a total capital of 10,OOOZ., including the purchase money, will be sufficient. I have also corn-mil-nicated the above names to Mr. Egan.I am, yours very truly,
Some difficulties arose in carrying out these schemes, but Parnell brushed them all aside. On July 22 he wrote again to Dr. Kenny:
Parnell to Dr. Kenny
11 have had a good deal of business these last few days, so that I trust you will excuse my tardiness in replying to your letter. I think you were quite right to make the arrangement you have with O'Connor, which I suppose you did after consultation with O'Brien.
' I regret very much that Dillon will not co-operate in reference to the " Irishman " ; but feel sure, when I am able to see him and explain matters fully, he will come round. I do not apprehend any grave results from the position taken up by our friends in Kilniainham in regard to the matter/