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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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SU               CHARLES STEWART PARNELL            [1881
tliorc was a pause. After a little while I returned to the charge. " Suppose they arrest you, Mr. Parnell," I asked, " have you any instructions to give us ? Who will take your place?" "Ah!" he said deliberately, looking through a glass of champagne which he had just raised to his lips. "Ah, if I am arrested Captain Moonlight1 will take my place.'' '
On Tuesday, October 11, Mr. Forster crossed to England, having previously arranged with Sir Thomas Steele, the Commander-in-Chicf of the Forces in Ireland (who was acting as one of the Lords Justices in the absence of Lord Cowper), that in the event of the Cabinet consenting to the arrest of Parnell he would wire the one word 'proceed/
On Wednesday, October 12, the Cabinet met. JL'ameirs arrest was decided on. Forster immediately wired to Steele, * Proceed/ 2
Meanwhile Parnell, who had returned to Avondale on Tuesday, came back to Dublin on Wednesday night, intending to address a meeting next day in Naas, County Kihlare. He was to have left the Knightsbridge terminus at 10.15 A.M. On Wednesday night he told the boots at Morrison's Hotel to call him at half-past eight in the morning. 1 shall let Mr. Parnell himself continue the narrative.
' "When the man came to my bedroom to awaken me, he told me that two gentlemen were waiting below who wanted to see me. I told him to ask their names and business. Having gone out, he came back in a few moments and said that one was the superintendent
1  The threatening notices which used at this time to bo served on landlord   and   obnoxious   tenants   were   generally  signed  ' Captain Moonlight.*
2  Sir Wemyss Beid, Lift of the Eight Hon. W. E. Forster.