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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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/Ex. 35]                 ABKEST OF PAKNELL                       313
of police and the other was a policeman. I told him to say I would dress in half-an-hour, and would see-them then. He went away, but came back again to tell me that he had been downstairs to see the gentlemen, and had told them I was not stopping at that hotel. He then said I should get out through the back of the house, and not allow them to touch me. I told him that I would not do that, even if it were possible, because the police authorities would be sure to have every way most closely watched. He again went down, and this time showed the detectives up to my bedroom/
The rest of the story is told by the ' Freeman's Journal.'
* Mr. Mallon, the superintendent, when he entered the bedroom, found Mr. Parnell in the act of dressing, and immediately presented him with two warrants. He did not state their purport, but Mr. Parnell understood the situation without any intimation. The documents were presented to him with gentlemanly courtesy by-Mr. Mallon, and the honourable gentleman who was about to be arrested received them with perfect calmness and deliberation. He had had private advices from England regarding the Cabinet Council, and was well aware that the Government meditated some coup d'etat.
' Two copies of the warrants had also been sent to the Kingsbridge terminus, to be served on Parnell in case he should go to Naas by an early train. Superintendent Mallon expressed some anxiety lest a crowd should collect and interfere with the arrest, and requested Mr. Parnell to come away as quickly as possible. Mr. Parnell responded to his anxiety. A cab was called, and-the two detectives, with the honourable