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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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31G                 CHARLES  STEWART PABNELL              [1881
might improve its appearance and brighten it a bit by putting a beautiful green baize cloth, which had been specially worked for me by friends outside, on the bare table at which Parnell sat. I went up to my cell and brought down the cloth. " This, Mr. Parnell/5 I said, "will be better than nothing,'1 and I put the cloth on the table, feeling very proud of myself. " Have you any good cigars ? " asked Parnell. " Certainly," I answered. " I have a box of splendid cigars upstairs," and away I went for them. When I came back I found Parnell sitting once more by a bare table, and my beautiful green baize cloth was huddled up in a corner on the floor. I gave Parnell a cigar, and then, looking round the room, I said: "What have you done with my beautiful green cloth, Mr. Parnell ? " " Ah ! " he said, lighting a cigar, " green is an unlucky colour." Then, puffing it, " This is a very good cigar." '
While Parnell was spending his first days in Kil-mainlwm Mr. Gladstone was holding high festival in London.
A few hours after the Irish leader's arrest the freedom oŁ the City was presented to the Prime Minister. The news had spread that a decisive blow had boon struck at the Irish conspiracy by the arrest of the chief criminal, and when Mr. Gladstone rose-to address the meeting he was received with significant cheers. * Within these few minutes/ he said in solemn accents and amid dead silence, ' I have been informed that towards the vindication of the law, of order, of the rights of property, and the freedom of the land, of the first elements of political life and civilisation, the first step has been taken in the arrest
of the man------.'   Here he was interrupted.  The great
meeting rose en masse, frantic with excitement and joy,