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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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32-A                 CHARLES STEWART PARXELL              [1882
nephew.    The  following letter will dispose  of these slanders :
Parndl to Mrs. Dicld)ison
1 8, lino Prcsbouvg, Paris: April 17, 1882.
( My JVRAR EMILY,I shall be sure to call to see Theodosia and Claude before 1 return to Ireland, but cannot fix the day just yet. I will wire him the day before. Delia is much cut up by her dreadful loss, but is somewhat better now; my being here lias clone her a great deal of good. It appears Henry used to live in an apartment of his own, and it was quite by accident that they discovered he was ill. In the first ten days it did not seem to be much, but the fever then went to his head, and after a week's constant delirium the poor fellow died. He used to devote himself entirely to music, composing, &c., and it is thought that his brain was injured or weakened by dwelling too much upon this one subject, and so was unable to stand disease. ' Your affectionate brother,
*1\H. I am sorry to hear Theodosia is not looking al all strong.'
A few days afterwards Paradl returned to Kil-mainhain.
Mr. Forster's Coercion Act had now been twelve months in force. It had proved an utter failure; and, to do Mr. Forster justice, no one was more painfully conscious of the fact than lie. His confessions of failure are indeed pathetic. 11 can never do now what I might have done for Ireland/ he sorrowfully admits as early as June 1881, and lie adds, 'it is seriously to be thought whether after the Land Bill is passed I ought not to get out of it all/