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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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328                CHARLES STEWART FARXELL             [1S82
from more than seventy of their class, that each one of them is known to be of exceptional ability, and that their experience is drawn from separate districts. They all concur in their views of the deplorable state of the country and the utterly crushing intimidation which prevails, and we know what this intimidation may at any time produce. They agree also as to the necessity for further legislation, and their recommendations are substantially the same.
£ In addition to the renewal of the Protection of Person and Property Act for another year, these recommendations are as follows :
' 1. Increase of summary jurisdiction, c This  is  the  point to which I should personally attach  the highest  importance   of   all.     A resident magistrate,  and   in  serious  cases  a  special   resident magistrate, should bo. present.
4 C2. Special commission to try agrarian cases in •certain districts without jury. Unless the judge can bo compelled to act will bo dini.eul.lios about this. If HO it will bo all the more necessary that, under No. 1, twelve months' imprisonment with hard labour could be given as recommended by Messrs. Plunkett, Clifford-Lloyd, and Pdake.
* 3. Improvement of Anns Act, so as to make one warrant do for a whole townland and allow search by night; also power to search for papers.
14. Power to tax districts for payment of extrapolice,
and for compensation for death or injury to the person..
6 5. Power to arrest strangers and persons at night.
c As I consider the present question to be whether
any fresh legislation is required, and in what general
direction, I do not enter into more minute particulars.
I content myself with saying that in my opinion legis-