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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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Parncll to Mr. Justin McCarthy
' Saturday [April 22, 1882].
* MY m-iAR MCCARTHY, I have arrived in England, and will call to see you to-morrow afternoon some time. I cannot at present give you the exact hour, but would it bo too much to ask you to remain at home after three o'clock ? I trust you will have some news of result of Cabinet to-day.1
1 Yours very truly,
' C. S. P.'
On Sunday afternoon Parnell discussed the whole situation with Mr. McCarthy. He had previously scon Captain (VHhea, who expressed the hope that, as a result of the negotiations then going on, the ' suspects' might be permanently released. ' Never mind the " suspects/1 ' he. said ; ' try and get the question of the arrears satisfactorily adjusted, and the contribution, made not a loan, but a gift on compulsion. The Tories have now adopted my views as to peasant proprietary. The great object to be attained is to stay evictions by an Arrears Bill.'*
On April 2-1, an we have seen, Tamel! was hack at Kiimainham. On the following (lay he wrote to Mr. McCarthy:
 ' ' If. was nut,' saya Sir Wernyss Held hi hi;s T/ifi1. of /''or.s/Vr, 'until the 2*2 ml jot April] that the Cabinet look up the Irish question, Mr. I'orKtev having by thw time returned to London.' Vol. ii. p. 4'JH.
a There, were 1 00,000 tenants in nrreavH, and consequently unable to ilicnv.u.'lvo.H of i\\i\ benefit of tho Tjiind Act.    TbeHe. t(knnuta could
...                                                   .            .
all be evicted.   Parne.U's object wan to get a Hill which would practically wipe out these arrears.   Soo Annual lift/inter, IHBti, p. *J1.