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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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344                CHARLES  STEWAHT PA KNELL             [1882
for me to dwell upon the enormous advantages to be derived from the full extension of the purchase clauses, which now seem practically to have been adopted by all parties.
' The accomplishment of the programme I have sketched would, in my judgment, be regarded by the country as a practical settlement of the land question, and would, I feel sure, enable us to co-operate cordially for the future with the Liberal party in forwarding Liberal principles; so that the Government, at the end of the session, would, from the state of the country, feel themselves thoroughly justified in dispensing with further coercive measures.
' Yours very truly,
On April 30 Captain O'Shca called on Mr. Porster at his residence in Kceleston Square, and showed him this letter. Mr. Forsler has given us a detailed account of tho interview:
' After carefully reading [the loiter] I said [to Captain O'Shea] : " Is that all, do you think, that 1'arnell would be inclined to say ? " lie said : " What more do you want? Doubtless I could supplement it." I said: "It conies to this, that upon our doing certain things he will help us to prevent outrages," or words to that effect. He again said: "How can 1 supplement it ?" referring, I imagine, to different measures. I did not feel justified in giving him my own opinion, which might bo interpreted to be that of the Cabinet, so I said : " I had better show the letter to Mr. Gladstone, and to one or two others." He said : "Well, there may be faults of expression, but the thing is done. If these words will not do I must get