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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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3oO                 CHARLES  STEWART FAHNELL              [1882
' ParnclL " Well, \vhat did you think they would do to me?"
'Mrs. Dickinson. "I thought they would hang you."
' Parndl (smiling). "Well, it may come to that yet."
* That was the whole greeting. They then talked about family affairs.'
It has been said that there was no Kilmainham treaty. Well, it is idle to quibble about words. There was a Kilmainham treaty, and these, in a single sentence, were its terms. The Government were to introduce a satisfactory Arrears Bill, and Parnell was to 'slow down' the agitation. 'One of the most sagacious arrai^gements/ says Mr. Healy, commenting on Parnell's conduct, *that ever enabled a hard pressed general to secure terms for his forces.'