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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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352                CHARLES  STEWART PARNELL             [1882
Parnell was now applying that policy to the English themselves. Seven mouths before Mr. Gladstone and Mr, Forster had been united in sending him to prison. They were united no longer.
The .English in Ireland never more thoroughly appreciated the importance of dividing their enemies, while standing shoulder to shoulder themselves, than did this man, who was so English in temperament and in method. To see English parties at sixes and sevens while lie commanded an unbroken phalanx was the central idea of his policy. He now saw the Prime Minister rise to fight his battle, which was, in truth, the battle of the Prime Minister too.
What a revolution ! Mr. Gladstone and Parnell in the same boat and Mr. Forster flung to the waves. Mr. Gladstone's reply was simple and courteous. In brief it camo to this. The circumstances which had warranted the arrest no longer existed; in addition, ho had an assurance that if the Government dealt with the; arrears question tho throe members released would range themselves on tho side ot law and order.
Parnell followed, saying :
1 In the first portion ot his (Mr. Gladstone's) speech the idea convoyed was that it tho lion, members for Tipperary andltoseommon (Messrs. ])illon and O'Kolly), along with myself, were released wo would take some special action with regard to the restoration of law and order. I assume that tho right lion, gentleman has received information from son it*, of my friends to whom I have made either written or verbal communication with regard to my intentions upon tho state of this Irish question. Bui I wish, to say emphatically that I have not in conversation with my friends or in any written communication to my friends entered into tho