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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell Vol - I"

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S5^t                 CI1AHLES  STEWART PAKNELL              [1882
(Mr. Burke), who had driven on an outside car from the Castle. Both men then walked together through the park. As they came opposite the Viceregal Lodge about 7 P.M. a band of assassins fell upon them and stabbed them to death. These men belonged to a murder society, self-called the ' Invincibles/ which had sprung up tinder Mr. Forster's regime1 for the purpose, as one of them said, of * making history' by 1 removing' obnoxious political personages. Mr. Burke and Lord Frederick Cavendish were their first victims. The assassins were ultimately arrested and hanged.2 The * Annual Begister' of 1882, in giving an account of this horrible transaction, says : * It is even more painful to know that from the Viceregal Lodge Lord Spencer himself was looking out of the windows, and saw with unconcerned eyes the scuffle on the road some hundred yards away, little thinking that what neenuxl to bo the horseplay of half a dozen roughs was in reality the murder of two of his colleagues/
This statement is inaccurate. Lord Spencer did not BOO the * scufllo.'
I lore is his Lordship's recollection of what happened: ' It in said that I saw the murder. That is not so. I had asked Cavendish to drive to the park in my carriage with my private secretary. He said he would not.; ho would rather walk. Of course, if he had driven it would not have happened. I then rode to the park accompanied by an aide-de-camp and a groom. Curiously enough, 1 stopped to look at the polo match
1 Forgtev's own life wan frequently In jeopardy, and ho seems to have had Bomo miraculous escapes.--Bir Womyss Held, Life of tlw lliglit Hon. W. ,/</. Jf'orster*
3 One of the * InvinoibloB,' Carey, turned informer. Ho was afterwards shot by a man named O'Donnell, on board ship off Capo Colony. O'Donnell was arrested and brought to England and hanged.