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FIG                                                                                                                            PAGE
1    The Rosetta Stone                                                facing     10
2    Inscription from Mine Shaft m the Sinai Peninsula                  18
3    Old Persian Cuneiform Syllabary                                            22
4    Cuneiform Tablet Recording Babylonian Legend of the
Deluge                                                               facing     30
5    Bilingual Seal of King Arnuwandas II, a Hittite King             36
6    British Traffic Signs                                                               49
7    Pictographic Writing of Aztec Civilization m Mexico             52
8    Ideograms of the Eighteen Twenty-Day Months of the
Calendar of the Ancient Maya Civilization of Central
America                                                                             54
9    Ancient Picture Writing of the Hittites from an Inscription
at Kama in Syria                                                                56
10    Discus of Phacstos chowmg as yet Undeciphered Picto-
graphic Writing of the Ancient Cretan Civilization              59
11    Consonant Symbols of some Contemporary Alphabets            60
12    Vowel Symbols of Some Contemporary Alphabets                   62
13    The Ancient Cypnotic Syllabary                                             64
14    Stone Inscription from Paphos (Eighth Century B c) facing      64
15    Some Signs from Early Alphabets                                           70
16    Early and Later Form of Some Greek and Latin Letters        72
17    Key to Rumc and Ogam Scripts                                             75
x8   Bilingual Inscription m Latin (Roman Letters) and Celtic
(Ogam Signs) from a Church at Trallong in Ireland            76
19    Semaphore,, Morse and Braille Codes                                      78
20    Facsimile Note in Pitman's Shorthand by Bernard Shaw        86
21    The Directives of Place                                                         142
22    The Directives of Motion                                                     144
23    The Instrumental Directives                                                 145
24    The Directives of Time                                                        146
25    Associative Directives                                                           *47
26    Com of Maccabcan Times with Early Hebrew Characters       196
27    Three Verses from the Old Testament in the Oldest Dateable
MS of the Hebrew Bible                                    facing   204
28    Page from the "Codex Argenteus" now in Uppsala     facing   228