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io                 The Loom of Language
29    Runic Stone m National Park of Stockholm                facing  238
30    Earliest Teutonic Inscription                                                  265
31    Cutting from Icelandic Newspaper Showing the Iwo th
Symbols ]? (as in thri) and 6 (as m them)                            278
32    Cutting from a Norwegian Newspaper Showing the Scandi-
navian Vowel Symbols 0 and a                                            281
33    Very Early (6th Centuiy B c) Latin Inscription on a Fibula
(clasp or brooch)                                                                  311
34    The Oldest Roman Stone Insaiptoon—The Lapis Niger
from the Forum (about Coo B c)                            fawig  312
35    Funeral Inscription of the Consul L Cornelius Scipio m an
Early Latin Script (259 B c)                                               321
36    Oscan Inscription from Pompeii                                            325
37    Inscription in Early (about 590 B c) Greek Lettering from
Egypt Chipped on the Statuary of a Rock Temple by Ionic
Mercenaries                                                                       334
38    Stone Slab from Lcmnos with Early Greek Lettering              340
39    Stone with Celtic Inscription m Ogam Signs from Aboyne
near Aberdeen in Scotland                                      facing  414
40    Postage Stamp of Kemal Ataturk Teaching the Turks to Use
the Roman Alphabet                                              Joeing  415
41    Mongols Learning the Latin ABC                                facing  415
42    Compound Chinese Characters with Two Meaning Compo*
nents                                                                                 426
43    Compound Chinese Characters with Meaning and Phonetic
Component                                                                        427
44    Parent Chinese Characters of the Katakana (older) Japanese
Syllabary                                                                            435
45    Parent Chinese Characters of the Hiragana (later) Japanese
Syllabary                                                                            439
46    Japanese Katakana Syllabary                                                  440