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The Loom of Language

somewhat, completely., or preferably  It would not give equivalents for
quite or rather

The most troublesome words for our basic vocabulary of link-words
are that, which, what, who, whom, whose The English that can occur in
four situations One context is common to that, who, and which One is

A Lrmn goc.?


FIG, 22,

peculiar to

, and one is peculiar to who or which. They are as

(a) Relative use of that, who, whom, whow, which, as hnk^words after
a noun or preposition following a noun, e g, *
This is the baboon that the bishop gave a bun to-
This is the baboon to whom (or which) the bishop gave the bun.
In such sentences, that can replace either which or who, and its derivative
whom, but if they come after prepositions, the latter go to the end of the
clause. The use of that with of rarely replaces whose. So we have to enter
in our basic list of link-words, "that (re/,)" and "whose" as separate