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164                 The Loom of Language

man and a German may deal with the problem of separating the
constituents of a lengthy statement

(a) Since this is an English sentence., it is not difficult to sec what
changes are nectssaiy if we want to break it up

is an Enghsh sentence   We may waxxt to break it up
Changes are then necessary. They are not difficult to see

Da dies em enghscher Sau ist, ist es mcht schwcr zu schen3 welche
Andcrungen notwcndig smd5 wenn wir ihn yerlegen wollen

Dies ist em enghschcr Satz Wir wollen ihn zerlegcn* Anderungen
smd dann notwendig Welche ist mcht schwer zu

Qearly we have to put much more effort into recasting an involved
German sentence as a sequence of simple ones than we spend when
we do the same with an English one, This is important because our
first impulse ua stating a closely knit argument is always to keep the
threads together with conjunctions, In a first draft we are therefore
prone to construct cumbersome sentences which are not necessarily
objectionable in speech* Effective writing demands a different tech-