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194               r^e Loom oj Language

is die Malay a-Polynesian, which includes Malay and the tongues of
most of the islands in the Indian aud Pacific Oceans.

Something like a hundred language-groups, including the Papuan,
Australian and Amerindian (e g Mexican and Greenlandic) vernacu-
lars, Japanese., Basque, Manchu, Georgian, and Korean, still remain to
be connected in larger units This has not been possible so far, either
because they have not yet been properly studied, or because their past
phases are not on record Below is a list of famikes which are well-


(a\ feutomc

(Geiuun, Hutch, Stanuiu<^LUi, Jbug'ish;
(h) Celtic

(lii so, Gadic> Welsh, Breton)

(Ficnch, Spanish, Catalan, Pcutugutse, Italian, Rumanian)

(Russian,   Polish,   C^C(ha   SJovaluan,   J^ul^anan, Scrbo-

(^ioaltan, and Slovene)
(e) Baltic

(LithUi»xuan5 1 cm JA)

{/) (heck                                    (//) Albanian

(//) Armenian       (i) Ionian         (/c) Modem Indie


(tf) Laffn^h   (t) I*inimh              (t) Ih

(c) MugyM (llunganan)

in, si' Mine,

(a) Arabic   (6) hthwpiaH   (c) Hebrew   (d)


(a) Gushite (Sotnalt} Galta)   (b) Barber languages


(a) Chinese   (/?) Tibcta.t   (c) Siaw^c   (d)

(a) Malay   (6) injian   (c) IWntuw   (d) Maon
vn ixmco-tAKTAR,
(a) Tut huh   (b) Tartar   (c) Kirghiz