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Full text of "The Loom Of Language"

Language Museum



	GUESE           ITALIAN

punish                pumr               castigar
	castigar             pumre

pursue                poursuivre      perseguir
	perseguir          perseguitare

push                   pousser           empujar
	empurrar          spmgere

put (place)          mettre            poner
	p6r                    porre

poser               colocar
	colocar              mettere

quarrel               se quereller     disputar
	disputar            altercare

se disputer       renir
	renhir               bisticciarsi

be quiet (say       se taire            callarse
	calar-se            tacere


quote                  citer                citar
	citar                  citare

rain                    pleuvoir          Hover
	chover              piovere

raise (lift)           lever               levantar
	levantar            alzare

react                  reagir              reaccionar
	reagir                reagire

read                    lire                  leer
	ler                     leggere

receive               recevoir -        recibir
	receber             ncevere

recite                  reciter             recitar
	recitar              recitare

recognize            reconnaitre     reconocer
	reconhecer        nconoscere

recommend        recommander recomendar
	recomendar        raccomandare

reconcile (make   se reconcilier  reconciliarse
	reconciliar-se    riconciliarsi

it up)

recover (get        se remettre      recobrar
	restabelecer-se   rimettersi


reduce                reduire            reducir
	reduzir             ridurre

reflect (light)       reflechir          reflejar
	reflectir             nflettere

refuse (to)          refuser (de)     rehusar
	recusar             rifiutare

(-1- mfin)

regret (be sorry) regretter          sentir
	sentir                rincrescersi

rely upon            compter sur    confiar en
	contar com        contare su

remain (be left    rester              restar
	restar               restare


remember          se souvenir de acordarse de
	lembrar-se de   ncordarsi di

remind                rappeler          recordar
	lembrar             ricordare

repeat                 rep6ter            repetir
	repetir              npetere

replace (substi-   remplacer       reemplazar
	substituir         nmpiazzare


reply                  repondre         contestar
	responder         rispondere

represent (stand representer     representar
	representar       rappresentare


reprimand          reprunander    reprobar
	repreender        nprendere

repulse               repousser        repulsar
	repulsar            respingere

resemble             ressembler (a) parecerse(a)
	parecer-se(com) rassomigliare


reserve (seat,      re*server          reservar
	reservar            riservare


respect               respecter        respetar
	respeitar           nspettare

rest (repose)        se reposer       descansar
	descansar          riposarsi

restrict               restreindre      restrmgir
	restrmgir          restnngere

retain                 retemr            retener
	reter                 ntenere

retire (withdraw) se retirer         retirarse
	retirar-se          ntirarsi

return (give        rendre             devolver
	devolver          restituire