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not Chinamen and had no part in the military opera-
tions against the Baron, yet they practically all fell
victims to his method of "warfare/' not to speak
of the many Mongolians who were butchered by
his orders.

A baker's Jewish errand boy was, on Ungern-Stern-
berg's instructions, baked alive in his master's oven.
I had known the boy during my first stay at Urga. He
was a harmless, industrious, obliging lad, taking no
interest in anything outside his work. He knew
nothing about politics and could certainly not be
suspected of Bolshevik tendencies.

On another occasion Ungern-Sternberg hanged a
woman with his own hands because she was alleged
to have stolen some silk. He stood for some minutes
in front of the suspended, writhing creature and with
an evil light in his eyes gave himself up to the enjoy-
ment of her death agony.

But the Baron was also "great" in his anger. There
was a Tartar named Suleiman who became one of
Ungern-Sternberg's contractors. Ungern-Sternberg
thought that Suleiman's prices were too high and
refused to pay, and when Suleiman insisted on his
rights, the "liberator" ordered his soldiers to drive
the Tartar up to the roof of his own house and to see
that he froze to death there. The inhabitants of Urga
were thus provided with the horrible show of a
Tartar screaming with cold and dancing about like
one demented on the top of his own house. It was no
thanks to Ungern-Sternberg that Suleiman managed
to escape during the night.